My family and I live in southern New Hampshire, where I work for Snowflake as a Senior Solutions Engineer.  I help our customers get the most of their Snowflake investment and find new use cases to launch.  Disclaimer:  Any posts, opinions or creative work on this site are my own and not affiliated or sponsored by Snowflake.

Outside of work, I like developing websites, graphic design, and photography.  More recently I’ve been playing around with no-code/low-code solutions like Webflow and Unqork; both of which are really fun technologies.

I also enjoy playing sports, traveling with my family, and cheering on my Boston sports teams + Chelsea FC.  Every once in a while I’ll write a blog or photograph some of my personal and/or professional travel.  You can check both out here on the site.

Drop me a line if you’d like to connect, or visit one of my social media spots on the left sidebar.  Thanks for stopping by!