UFC 218 Experience

December 2, 2017 By 0 Comments

Getting very excited for my first live UFC event tonight.  Going to try my best to do a live blog throughout the day / weekend to remember the fights and experience!

Sunday: 1:20am: Time to call it quits. Great night, great card. My big takeaways are:

  1. Francis Ngannou will make light work of Stipe and take the title, whenever they meet.
  2. Time for José to hang up the gloves. Storied career, warrior for many years, but doesn’t have it anymore.
  3. A Max Holloway vs. Conor McGregor rematch is on the top of my wish-list, but more than likely never going to happen.

Fun few days in Detroit, now back to the real world.

Saturday: 11:55pm: Francis Ngannou is the real deal. Holy hell. One punch knockout that sent Alastair into next week. This kid’s the future of the sport. Absolutely incredible.

Saturday: 10:14pm: Main card starting now. What a night so far. Five more bouts to go…

Saturday: 9:30pm: What a war. Hands down one of the best fights I’ve ever seen live or on PPV. Medeiros is a warrior. Tough set of fighters.

Saturday: 7:05pm: Solid couple of fights for the first round of prelims. Quick break before heading to the second round.

Saturday: 4:40pm: Pre-fight dinner at the hotel with the boys. Soon after, trekking over to Little Caesars Arena for the prelims!

Saturday: 11:15am: Hotel is starting to fill up, lots of folks streaming in for the fights. Heading over to an Irish pub for some lunch and pints, maybe watch some English Premier League if it’s on at the bar.

Saturday: 6:30am: I’m up bright and early, sitting in an empty Westin restaurant eating breakfast and drinking some coffee. Detroit’s a chilly 36 degrees right now. Reading/watching the blogs and promo videos for tonight’s card. 100% looking forward to Overeem and Ngannou the most, with Aldo/Holloway as a close second. Going to be a great night of fights.

Friday: 8:30pm: My buddy Dave and I just ran into Francis Ngannou and his head coach at the hotel.  He’s every bit of 6’4 / 265, and looked real calm and loose considering he’s going into the cage with the #1 Heavyweight contender in the UFC tomorrow night.  Real nice guy, stopped for a moment to say hello before taking off.  You should read his story, guy’s got a bright future in the sport.

Friday: 10:00am: On the ground here in Detroit. Next stop, finding coffee and some breakfast.

Friday: 4:30am: Up early here in Austin, TX getting ready to jump on the plane to Detroit. Should be a quick flight. Nice not having a business meeting on the other end of a plane ride.