Yesterday we went on one of our honeymoon excursions on the island of St. Lucia. My wife and I went on a guided hike of the Piton mountains.

We quickly found out that this “guided hike” was severely mis-represented in it’s advertising. This was a full-fledged mountain climb. Two and a half hours, directly uphill, across rocks and boulders. We went straight up to the summit of the highest peak in the Caribbean.

The terrain was alot different then any other (American) hikes I’ve done. The Rain Forrest had heavy coverage from the sun, but that created a dampness and humidity that made climbing up the volcano rock, near impossible at times.

On the way up. Right before it got seriously steep

My trusty old Chuck Taylor’s were the worst choice in footwear for the afternoon; no ankle support. Jo’s New Balance cross-trainers weren’t much help either, as she had a few close encounters with gravity.

At the Summit, two hours later.

We both made it through fine, couple scratches here and the there. Both of us darted to the pool and hottub at the resort once we got back. Plus a few adult beverages to get rehydrated, of course.