The new 34 year-old coach had a record 1,600 Red Raider faithful attend his introductory luncheon when he was first hired.  Think Lubbock, TX is even more excited about this guy as their new Head Ball Coach after his first performance in front of a National audience?

With a win like last night, it’s hard not to get excited in Red Raider nation.  Pre-game you could see Kliff Kingsbury grabbing face-masks and sprinting down the sidelines clapping, getting his troops fired up to play.  An emotion and demeanor that is such a far, far cry from his predecessor (Tommy Tuberville), who was usually seen screaming at staff members before kick-off.

As for the game, Tech came out (pun intended) guns blazing last night, keeping with their traditional fast-paced spread offense.  So much so, that they were flagged multiple times for not allowing the defense to substitute reserves in.  The feel-good story of the night was young Baker Mayfield, the walk-on freshman who earned the starting QB job for the Raiders.  He ended the game with five touchdowns and over 400 yards passing.  Not bad for a walk-on.

Mayfield’s performance can certainly be attributed to his natural abilities (incredible arm and accuracy), but I have a funny feeling Kingsbury had something to do with it as well.  Helping Mayfield prepare not only with the X’s and O’s, but teaching how to command a huddle, command an offense, and how to step out in front of a National TV audience and perform.  With Kingsbury in charge of Mayfield’s development and progression as a young QB, the Raiders have themselves a real shot to get ranked and make a bowl run.

Get to know Kliff Kingsbury, he’s going to do great things at Texas Tech