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Seth Godin: “If you want”

Date February 28, 2015  |   Categories: Personal
Photo: Adam Clark

Pardon the re-blogging. Usually I try not to take the lazy-man’s approach of re-hashing existing content. It requires minimal work, minimal formatting. Not something I like to do very often.

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2013 Homerun Derby

Date July 21, 2013  |   Categories: Personal
Photo: Mark Urquhart

Always great to cross something off the bucket-list!

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Worst Weather Ever

Date July 3, 2013  |   Categories: Personal

Not sure how everyone else is feeling these days, but I’ve about had it with the summer weather in New York City.

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Soul Cycle – Not a joke

Date July 20, 2013  |   Categories: Personal, Sports
Photo: Facebook/SoulCycle

Thinking naively, as most men probably do in this situation… I joined my fianc√© for her Saturday Soul Cycle class, thinking it would be a walk I’m the park.

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The CitiBike Dilemma

Date June 5, 2013  |   Categories: Personal

It’s great seeing this CitiBike initiative take off in New York City, as it’s impact on the environment and general fuel consumption is a great concept.¬† BUT….there are some serious down-sides to this instant influx of new cyclists.

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