Lock yourself in a cave and fight your way out

Whether you’re a Developer, UX specialist, WordPress guru, Social Community Manager, or even someone who just wants to learn a new software…. take a lesson from Tony Stark from Iron Man 1.  Put yourself up against a deadline, fight your way through, and go after building something amazing.

Pick a challenge

Go decide what you want to conquer, and get prepared all the materials you need to get the work done.  Lock yourself into the project,  and don’t give yourself any way out.  No procrastinating and no excuses.  Remember, you’re Tony Stark stuck in a cave needing to build Iron Man to get out.  Focus on building something amazing, always keep that as the focus.

Set a completion date

Give yourself the weekend or however long is needed to get the job done.  Before starting the project, ask others within your respective industry how long it should take.  Then, don’t extend the deadline , just find ways to work harder.  The minute you extend the deadline, it’s allowing yourself to concede.  Keep fighting through it.

Be prepared for incredible creations

Once you’re through the pain and the mind-numbing sessions, look back and see what you’ve created / learned.  Go have fun and immediately use your new skill-set or product.  If you just taught yourself how to use Photoshop, go retouch some photos of you and your friends and upload them to Facebook.  You’ll sit back and smile when you see how appreciative they are at your creation.  If you just taught yourself how to edit video and add effects, add some flavor to your families home-movies and have a movie night with the kids.

Once you see you can learn something and conquer, you’ll get a thirst for wanting to do it more and more.