It’s great seeing this CitiBike initiative take off in New York City, as it’s impact on the environment and general fuel consumption is a great concept.  BUT….there are some serious down-sides to this instant influx of new cyclists.

1) 95% of them are usually on the West Side Highway going 5 to 7 mph, hovering around the middle of the lane, and riding two by two with their BFF.

2) Despite the usual “Follow the Rules” portion of their website, I’ve yet to see any etiquette materials passed to CitiBike members on how to not to suck at biking in Manhattan streets.  Here are some suggestions to get started;

  • Bike with your pedals on the ready, keep a foot “clipped in” when stopped
  • Get off your phone, just put it away.
  • I don’t think these things can go above 20 mph, so let’s calm down.
  • This isn’t a Bonobos ad, so let’s relax with the rolled up Chinos, bow ties, and Ray Ban’s

3) You can forget about enjoying a ride in Central Park ever again.  It was bad enough dealing with the weekenders, the Lance Armstrong’s, the kids with training wheels,… now throw into the mix the casual CitiBikers.  Good luck with that traffic, I’m going to avoid it like Times Square.

4) Why aren’t there disinfecting wipes?  Think about it….

5) Citi apparently hates the Upper parts of Manhattan, with a grand total of ZERO bike stations above 70th street.  Tough luck you family-types.

All in all, this is a decent program and a step in the right direction as far as being more responsible with our natural resources.  But being a bitter inhabitant of Manhattan, I have a low tolerance for people who can’t navigate the streets and walk-ways appropriately.