When / if any of my Apple products or software ever experience a hiccup or a bug, most of the time I give them the benefit of the doubt. I’ve had a great history with them delivering as a company, and they have maintained the ability to push patch releases out if anything is seriously broken.

As of late though, I’ve lost a significant amount of confidence in Apple’s ability to rally.  Specifically, with their new OS, (Mavericks) and the Apple Mail app.  It’s been two releases after the initial 10.9 launch and Apple is still struggling to get one of their core applications to play nice with gmail and google apps accounts.

Apple recently released a work around for receiving mail more effectively (re-read that, …head in hands).  Their support post explains how to manually re-establish a connection to your server, in the (probable) case that your email doesn’t flow into your inbox.  Nothing like an admission from Apple that a product that once was a core competency of theirs, now needs duck-taping by the end user.

This instability has caused users to flirt with Apple Mail alternatives. Postbox has been the most consistent replacement for me, offering a similar UI with the ability to sort and archive messages to folders using quick type and shortcuts.  I also tested Thunderbird (too clunky), Airmail (too much animation and emphasis on aesthetics), and Unibox (didn’t like the chat-esque layout).

I’m hoping that Apple’s 10.9.2 release of Mavericks finally fixes the app. I’m a creature of habit, I want to use the programs I am comfortable with.  Even though I’m able to function with an alternative software, I don’t want to lose complete faith in Apple.