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Apple Mail-gate

When / if any of my Apple products or software ever experience a hiccup or a bug, most of the time I give them the benefit of the doubt. I’ve had a great history with them delivering as a company, and they have maintained the ability to push patch ...

The CitiBike Dilemma

It’s great seeing this CitiBike initiative take off in New York City, as it’s impact on the environment and general fuel consumption is a great concept.  BUT….there are some serious down-sides to this instant influx of new cyclists. 1) 95% of them are ...

RIP Google Reader

I hope Google Readers have July 1st, 2013 circled on their calendars, as it is the end of life (EOL) date for Google’s very popular RSS aggregator.  Here are some considerations and alternatives for migrating your current Google Reader setup. ...

Tony Stark: Personal Projects

Lock yourself in a cave and fight your way out Whether you’re a Developer, UX specialist, WordPress guru, Social Community Manager, or even someone who just wants to learn a new software…. take a lesson from Tony Stark from Iron Man 1.  Put yourself ...

Lessons learned from CrossFit

After a few weeks of Cross-fitting, there are some substantial carry-over lessons to be had in our professional lives A client of mine sent along an article by a man named Joshua Newman from here in NYC, titled “Tabata My Job“.   The article’s premise is ...