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Separate from the pack

Date April 4, 2015  |   Categories: Marketing
Photo: Google Images

One of my pet peeves with marketers is when they fuel promotions with a “Crying wolf” approach; creating a false-sense of urgency in the customers world.  Out of curiosity, and after noticing I had 10 unread in my Inbox with similar verbiage, I researched my deleted email archives for words related to urgency.  What jumped off the page was the phrase, “Last Chance”.  It was by far the most over-used word within subject lines, across brands and industries. Here are (numerous) examples within the past six months.

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A Kick in the Uggs

Date January 27, 2014  |   Categories: Marketing
Photo: NFL Marketing

Last year I went into some detail about the NFL’s (lack of) emotional intelligence in its playoff marketing efforts. I highlighted a campaign that asked me to spend money on home essentials, despite losing to the Ravens.  That particular campaign must not have had enough unsubscribes and spam complaints to warrant investigation, because I was privileged enough to have received a similar version this year.  There’s nothing worse than repeating the same mistakes as a marketer.

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It’s All About the Content

Date September 23, 2013  |   Categories: Marketing
Photo: Shutterstock Images

Email marketing can be a simple game.  Hit me with the right content, combined with an appropriate offer,  and demonstrate a little bit of intelligence into my consumer tendencies, …you’ll probably get my attention.

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Why I become a fan of a brand

Date July 21, 2013  |   Categories: Marketing
Photo: Flickr

Working in the digital marketing space I see a wide variety of strategies for trying to win, secure, engage (or re-engage) customers…

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Too Soon, NFL Email Marketers

Date January 24, 2013  |   Categories: Marketing

I‘m sitting here grieving the Patriots season that ended so abruptly, and I receive this lovely little email.

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