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Syracuse Graphic Designs

Date April 26, 2011  |   Categories: Design, Sports
Photo: Mark Urquhart

My time at Syracuse Football was fun for many reasons.

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Amazing Basketball Designs

Date April 17, 2011  |   Categories: Design, Sports
Photo: Unknown artist

These designs are unreal. I’m a huge competitor, so when I see these I want to make versions better! Who knows, maybe you’ll see a Rajon Rondo design soon!

Check out the rest of the designs here!  Thanks to PSD Tuts for the link!

Merrimack Athletes

Date April 13, 2011  |   Categories: Design
Photo: Mark Urquhart

I live vicariously through my two younger brothers and their high-school sports careers.
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Obsession with Infographics

Date February 25, 2011  |   Categories: Design

Have you seen some of these new inforgraphics lately? I was never much of a fan, but some of the new ones are cool. Continue Reading →