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Ciao Roma!

Date March 28, 2016  |   Categories: Travel
Photo: Johanna Urquhart

As the famous saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.   Johanna and I did just that, for five days at the end of September 2015 (I’m a few months behind writing this post).  It was an outstanding trip filled with seeing the sites, exceptional food, and education around the history of Rome.  There were too many great places and experiences to list them all, so we picked a few of the highlights to share below.

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At least know the game

Date May 11, 2015  |   Categories: Sports
Photo: Associated Press

The job of the Quarterback starts at the huddle, making sure the center is the first man setup exactly eight yards behind the ball.  The QB takes his place at the end of the huddle, nearest to his sideline. The rest of the huddle adjusts around him.

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Separate from the pack

Date April 4, 2015  |   Categories: Marketing
Photo: Google Images

One of my pet peeves with marketers is when they fuel promotions with a “Crying wolf” approach; creating a false-sense of urgency in the customers world.  Out of curiosity, and after noticing I had 10 unread in my Inbox with similar verbiage, I researched my deleted email archives for words related to urgency.  What jumped off the page was the phrase, “Last Chance”.  It was by far the most over-used word within subject lines, across brands and industries. Here are (numerous) examples within the past six months.

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Seth Godin: “If you want”

Date February 28, 2015  |   Categories: Personal
Photo: Adam Clark

Pardon the re-blogging. Usually I try not to take the lazy-man’s approach of re-hashing existing content. It requires minimal work, minimal formatting. Not something I like to do very often.

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London Baby!

Date February 21, 2015  |   Categories: Travel
Photo: Johanna Urquhart

Recently my Wife and I went across the pond to London, making it our first trip together to the UK.   We were fortunate enough to see a lot of the city and surrounding areas in a short window of time.  Below are some highlights of the trip.

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