Last year I went into some detail about the NFL’s void of emotional intelligence in its playoff marketing efforts. Shortly after losing to the Baltimore Ravens in opening round, they sent me an email asking me to spend money on Patriots home essentials.  That particular campaign must not have had enough unsubscribes and spam complaints to warrant investigation, because I was privileged enough to have received a similar version this year.  There’s nothing worse than repeating the same mistakes as a marketer.

While us New England fans were coming off a fresh playoff loss on January 19th (head in hands), I received an email on January 22nd touting Patriots Home-gating Party essentials.  Goody me.  Let me break the credit card out and buy everything!

It’s crucial to use that data you have on me in an intelligent manner.  For example, about every year I buy a new hoodie for the season.  Sometimes I’ll get a dry-fit shirt or a hat, usually mid-season.  Then, when the season is over I’m either buying playoff gear (in anticipation for a Superbowl run), or I buy nothing because my season is over.

Nowhere within that dataset, does it say that I want a Patriots toaster three days after Tom Brady over-throws every receiver on the team.

See you next season.